Change Makers


In our younger days we all have rosy dreams of an ideal & successful future. We want to be something who can even make a difference in the world. Most of us give up that dream somewhere along the way just to accommodate to the situation we are in. Some finds out that their dreams were too unrealistic as they have tried so many times & failed miserably. But there is someone, someone rare , who never gives up, they persist until they make their dreams a reality because they believe nothing is impossible if you pursue it with diligence and devotion. These are the ones who are change makers, people who question the status quo, and then they go about creating a new one. They refuse to accept the world as it is, and commit their lives to make the world a better place than they found it before leaving. Are these people something different; extraordinary? Yes without an aorta of doubt. These are people who have translated what they have  envisioned and contributed to humanity in a way that has positively impacted all of us. So what can we learn from these change makers so that we too can make our own unique impact on this world?Have clarity on what you want to  achieve & pursue it relentlessly, come what may . Believe that you can make a difference and make your vision crystal clear so that you know which direction to go and how to inspire others to rally them to your cause.

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