Have you experienced rapport ?


If you ask anyone about rapport , the common answer is closeness but is rapport – closeness ? Is it something which people experience when they understand each other’s feelings better & they sync well. People experiencing rapport can be more creative together and more efficient in making decisions. They’ll have mutual respect & coordination with a very uniform positive feelings. Even if there’s a difference of opinion on a particular issue , they will come to terms much faster than others as they harbour shared positive feelings. They’ll be more focused than others as both of them wants to achieve what they are looking for. The truth is when you are in sync with someone, the outcome will be amplified. Your life takes a new dimension when you are in rapport with people around you. Simple technique to get in rapport with another person is , just listen to them fully , make them understand that you value their suggestions , spend quality time with them giving full attention. You need to focus on others needs and wants , not on your preoccupations . Experience Rapport and see how life unfolds

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